100% Pure Raw and Natural Honey

A limited seasonal natural sweetener

Unheated and unfiltered pure North Carolina honey that is harvested to retain all the natural pollens, propolis, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties.  Our honeybees collect nectar and pollen from local flowers and trees that create the organic blend of floral taste and natural goodness. Honey benefits for dogs

Alleviation of Allergies - Raw honey that comes from a local hive will still have trace amounts of pollen in it. If your dog has allergies to the pollen, the pollen in local honey will acclimatize your dog to the pollen in the air without triggering your dog's allergies. This can be especially helpful for breeds that have respiratory issues and that are hit especially hard by airborne irritants.

Increased Energy - Giving your dog a spoonful of honey is a good way to give it a natural burst of energy. Unlike processed sugar, honey will provide your dog with sugars that its body can break down gradually. This can be a natural, healthy way to increase your dog's activity level.

Better Digestion - Raw honey has been pre-digested by bees and as such, contains live enzymes. These live enzymes will help the dog digest its food. Processing the honey will kill off these enzymes, and destroy the health benefits for the dog.

Antibacterial Properties - The live enzymes in raw honey kill off harmful microbes and bacteria. Raw honey can be used topically to care for a wound or it can be ingested to help curb an infection. Feeding raw honey to dogs keeps them healthier and more capable of fighting off illness.

Relieves itching and scratching - Adding raw honey to shampoo helps soothes the skin.

Storing honey
Honey should always be stored at room temperature and out of sunlight. The counter top or a pantry shelf is ideal. Never refrigerate honey because refrigeration will speed up crystallization. All pure honey granulates, some in a week or so and some not for several years. To liquefy, place the container in very hot water (but not boiling) and let stand until completely liquefied.

Honey is limited to shipping in the continental USA only.




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